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The brand “Il caffè dei Faraglioni” comes from an inspiration of a young caprese entrepreneur, who is fascinated by the world of coffee and is enthusiastic about it, so a great passion is born !!! He gradually decided to acquire the know-how of this world by dedicating himself to buying the raw material for the creation of the various blends and the type of roasting, which allows him to diversify from the mass and to create his own customized coffee blends. Slow delivery, extreme body and fruity aftertaste these are the unmistakable elements that can be found in the customized blends of the Faraglioni coffee, a simply unique coffee !!!!

The Company

The “Caffè dei Faraglioni” is a company that makes a product aimed primarily at a niche market, making quality its strong point. Careful checks are carried out in all that regards the production cycle from the purchase of the raw material, to the management of the espresso machine fleet, which are treated with very expensive certified products, based on organic vegetable substances for food. Many competing companies instead use economic products that can leave residuals harmful to the health of the consumer. Currently, thanks to our passion and the company philosophy that places the priority on the health and wellbeing of the consumer, our business is expanding and today our coffee product is exported to various parts of the world including the consolidated relationship with the countries of Argentina, Germany and Russia stands out for its turnover.


How to recognize a good coffee? The Caffè dei Faraglioni makes the difference. The Caffè dei Faraglioni diversifies itself from the competition already starting from the choice of the raw material. In fact, one of our representatives goes directly to the site (Brazil-Vietnam-Colombia) to choose the best crops that the market offers. Check that the coffee collection procedure is carried out with the “picking” system consisting of hand harvesting and not that of stripping consisting of a faster and cheaper harvesting procedure, but which at the same time determines the collection of all the fruit including those not ripe and those too ripe, thus determining a coffee without a sweet and full-bodied aftertaste. The Caffè dei Faraglioni also guarantees the “flavor” (association of olfactory sensations with those of the palate, very strong and intense).

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