Ginseng blend

Characterized by a sweet and incisive aftertaste with a typical light ocher color, ginseng coffee is an excellent alternative to traditional coffee. We import the root directly from Malaysia and other East Asian countries, entrusting us to the best growers in those territories with Ginseng coffee It is a natural drink that produces significant benefits to our body by reducing stress, improving mood, vitality and concentration.


Description: roasted coffee weight between 7 and 8 gr

Format: 150 pieces box

Packaging: carton of 150 pods

Use: houses – offices-bars-restaurants

Conservation: expiry date and lot indicated on the Product

Note: the minimum weight is declared on the waffle packaging, which will never be less than 7 gr. Generally our pods have a higher amount of mixture that normally ranges between 7,7gr. and 8 gr.